okay okay, new year. whats going on?

2018-01-20 14:55:50 by Rerear

well i have decided to side off animation, since its not one of my biggest strongsuits. but the good news is that i will be focusing on music alot more, so be ready for more of that stuff. i also have a soundcloud and you can check it out in the LINKS! it just has my latest EP "The Sun is Missing" which was released the day of the eclipse. i got a fat view of that. but now that im inching closer to the end of high school i can finally start to decide some of the shit that im gonna do, which i still have no idea what that will be. but right now, just be on the lookout for new music, because im really experimenting with some crazo shit and it could come out and be totally fucking RAD. with all that being said and such, have a wonderful day.


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